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So good that you found our website for high quality and trendy Espadrilles! As the name of our label suggests, our collections have been designed for the modern man of the world – the weltenmann.

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the spanish original


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Handcraftet in Spain

We carry the mediterranean lifestyle in our hearts - and also on our feet


Espadrilles by weltenmann: reinterpreting classic shoe designs 

Espadrilles, the light summer slip-on shoes, are a very special type of footwear: They were originally worn by the poorer rural population of Spain. Over the years, these light Espadrilles have been discovered by trendsetters and have become real it-pieces – also for men. Today, Espadrilles are trendy summer shoes that score high not only in style but also because of their special lightness and breathability. 

We at weltenmann have a soft spot for quality. Each collection is designed to last longer and better – to be comfortable and wearable far beyond the summer season. We create timeless collections with distinction and use only the highest quality materials. Each shoe is created with love by hand using traditional techniques.

espadrilles by weltenmann

The perfect summer apparel


The nobles: Premium Slip-on Espadrilles made of suede



The laced ones: Premium Sneakers Espadrilles made of suede



The trendy ones: Premium Slip-On Espadrilles made of cotton


The espadrilles way of life

The beach is my home, the summer is my time

the noble espadrilles – potentially addictive


team weltenmann

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Young team of international creators

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Espadrilles by weltenmann

A collection in honour of the summer

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The high ones for the colder days



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