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Behind our weltenmann label is a young, committed and easy-going team of Spanish, Mexican and German creators who loves the beach, the sun and fashion. We are absolute summer people who are often caught daydreaming about beautiful weather, the beach and mild evenings. The Mediterranean lifestyle is to be blamed; we carry it in our hearts – and also on our feet. Because with our handmade Espadrilles we want to carry the Spanish feeling out into the world. 



Walter Stephani


Hallo! I'm Walter, a creative mind born in Cologne and living in Aachen, Germany, since 2007.

I came to Aachen thirteen years ago with the intention of studying mechanical engineering. I had always loved entrepreneurship and was determined to start my own business. Following my natural curiosity and a few ideas later, I founded my first small business ventures while studying.

Since then, a lot of things have happened, but I am still working with utmost motivation on my brands. One of those – if not the most exciting – is weltenmann. We founded the brand in 2018 and since then, it has not stopped growing.

In my childhood I spent many summers with my grandparents on their boat and explored the beautiful coasts of Spain. I always loved the Mediterranean lifestyle and the original Espadrilles from Spain, but I could never find any high-quality ones.

Without hesitation, we decided to develop our own ones.

Trust me, you'll love them :-)

Silvia Ponce


¡Hola! I'm Silvia, an artist born in Spain and living in Vienna, Austria, since 2010.

I came to Vienna ten years ago with the intention of studying classical music and becoming a professional cellist. I had always loved classical music so much and was determined to make it happen. My education at the University and specially my amazing teacher helped me to achieve my cello dreams.

Since then, a lot has changed in my life and I have realized something that had been in me all along: I love art and music but I want to express my creativity in a different way than how I was doing it by playing cello. 

After pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying various new things (joining a band, working for companies, releasing an album), I finally discovered my new big passions: songwriting, comedy and making videos ... 

... plus in my free time, supporting weltenmann by considering new ideas to make this cool brand even better known and more international

Erik Eisermann

Hello! I am Erik, an industrial designer, currently based in Tulum, Yucatán, Mexico.

I am passionate about prototyping, and making things work. I design with relevance, meaning and delight in mind.


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