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IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso
IBIZA espresso

IBIZA espresso

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A reinterpretation of the classic is our Espadrilles IBIZA. We don't use cotton as the top layer, but noble suede leather. The natural patina gives the shoe a chic look. Suede is breathable, kind to the skin, durable and can regulate moisture – that's why suede slippers are also the perfect summer companion.

The IBIZA Espadrilles can also be worn on cooler days – without losing their summer feel. The colors are nature-oriented, for now they are available in five variations. These shoes will impress you with their gently rounded toe and padded leather insole.

Espadrilles by weltenmann are not only special because there is a lot of thought and love put in the design, but also because they are created with passion. Every single pair is handmade by shoemakers in the North of Spain in a small, traditionally working factory.


Source of motivation

In searching for inspiration for weltenmann shoes, we looked around the birthplace of the Espadrilles – Spain. One of its islands, Ibiza, is not only a place where you can have a good time, but also a fashion stronghold. We observed which materials are particularly popular on Ibiza. We were clearly struck by suede; not only in fashion for women, but also for men. Since suede – which many don't know – has the super qualities that a summer shoe needs, our next model was certain – it should be Espadrilles made of suede.


Please note that our espadrilles are made of natural materials (cotton and suede) and are a little tight at the beginning. That's the way it should be. After some days wearing them, the shoes will be broken-in and will provide a perfect fit.



Bitte beachte, dass unsere Espadrilles aus natürlichen Materialien (Baumwolle und Wildleder) hergestellt sind und am Anfang etwas eng anliegen. So soll es sein. Nach einigen Tagen sind die Schuhe eingelaufen und passen perfekt.



Merci de noter que nos espadrilles sont faites de matériaux naturels (coton et cuir) et sont un peu serrées au début. C'est comme ça que ils devraient être. Après quelques jours de les avoir porté, ils auront la forme parfaite.



Ti pregiamo di notare che le nostre espadrillas sono sono fatti di materiali naturali (cotone e pelle) e sono un po’ strette all'inizio. Così deve essere. Dopo alcuni giorni che li indossi, le scarpe avranno la forma perfetta.



Por favor, ten en cuenta que nuestras alpargatasestán hechas de materiales naturales (algodón y cuero) y quedan algo justas al principio. Así es como debe ser. Después de unos días, se ajustarán a tus pies como un guante.

Care tips for cotton Espadrilles

In order to enjoy our cotton-made Espadrilles for a long time, they require a special treatment. If they get dirty, you should clean them gently and make sure the cloth or brush you use is not too wet. Please note that our Espadrilles are not suitable for the washing machine.

First use a brush (e.g. a clean toothbrush) to remove dust, sand and other superficial dirt. If there are stains or a veil of dirt, you should apply a shoe cleaning foam to the fabric. Give the shoes enough time to dry afterwards, otherwise they could lose their shape. Light-colored cotton Espadrilles can be left to dry in the sun. Colorful or dark designs should be left to dry in the shade, otherwise the color may fade.


Care tips for suede Espadrilles

As with their cotton cronies, suede Espadrilles also require special care. Many cleaning products not only remove dirt from leather, but also grease, and leather needs a layer of grease to remain in good shape.

You should remove rough dirt from your shoes with a cleaning brush or toothbrush. Then clean your Espadrilles with cleaning foam for suede shoes. This contains additional care ingredients that nourish the leather and make it supple.


No water, please! ;-)

Espadrilles are fair weather shoes and do not get along with water. However, to make sure you don't get your feet wet so quickly if it does rain unexpectedly, we recommend that you impregnate the sole every now and then.