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Behind our weltenmann label is a young, committed and easy-going team of Spanish, Mexican and German creators who loves the beach, the sun and fashion. We are absolute summer people who are often caught daydreaming about beautiful weather, the beach and mild evenings. The Mediterranean lifestyle is to be blamed; we carry it in our hearts – and also on our feet. Because with our handmade Espadrilles we want to carry the Spanish feeling out into the world. 



Use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials


At weltenmann we focus on the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The natural jute used for our weltenmann Espadrilles is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

In addition to that, we completely steer away of plastic and use reusable and self-locking cardboard packaging from sustainable sources. We also attach great importance to minimizing the volume of packaging so that it has minimal impact on the environment.

In order for you to transport your Espadrilles in the most resource-friendly way possible, we provide you with a practical storage bag made of natural cotton with every purchase. A little hint – We know from numerous devotees that the cotton bag is also ideal for storing laundry when travelling.

Committed to a more sustainable way of consuming fashion


At weltenmann we don't only put a lot of love and passion in the choice of materials and the processing of the Espadrilles but also that we are always concerned about the environment – and about how we can contribute to doing something positive for it. 

We want to serve as a role model for other retailers, given the fact that consumer returns rates in E-commerce are extremely high – especially for fashion and shoes, and in order to contribute to the sustainable reduction of our global footprint.


About us

Team | Young team of international creators

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Manufacturing | A celebration to traditional craftsmanship

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