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Behind our weltenmann label is a young, committed and easy-going team of Spanish, Mexican and German creators who loves the beach, the sun and fashion. We are absolute summer people who are often caught daydreaming about beautiful weather, the beach and mild evenings. The Mediterranean lifestyle is to be blamed; we carry it in our hearts – and also on our feet. Because with our handmade Espadrilles we want to carry the Spanish feeling out into the world. 



Supporting the local traditional craftsmanship


As far as the realization of our idea and the production of our shoes are concerned, one thing was clear to us from the very beginning – the traditional craftsmanship from the land of the Espadrilles is the only true path for us.

By manufacturing our Espadrilles in Spain we are able to provide men-about-town with the highest quality without compromise – steering clear of mass-production of goods. Imitation products from the Far East do not even begin to bring out the unique Spanish character of original Espadrilles and are therefore out of the question for us.

It's central to us to support traditional craftsmanship, to comply with social standards and to ensure superior product quality.

Exclusive summer shoes for men – handmade in the North of Spain


We decided to search for one of the last traditional Espadrilles factories in Spain. And the ones who seek, find. We are very pleased that we have been able to win over a reliable manufacturer.

Our partner is not a newcomer to the business – he took over his father’s company many years ago, thus ensuring the continuation of a family tradition that has lasted for decades.

Each pair of handmade Espadrilles by weltenmann is unique and stands as a piece of modern art in today's highly industrialized world!

Perfect Imperfection


It is one thing to know how to make the Espadrilles and achieve the perfect shape. But it’s figuring out and using the right materials to create them that make our Espadrilles perfect! For that reason, we decided to use only Spanish raw materials. In this way, we can guarantee uncompromising product quality and offer Espadrilles that are 100% Made in Spain.

In order to maintain the high quality of the Espadrilles' workmanship and to continuously optimize the processes, we work closely with our manufacturer and always demand meticulous quality controls of the manufactured goods.

It is important to mention – due to the high extent of the handcrafting processes involved in the manufacturing process, small deviations in colour and details can occur, which make each of our products absolutely unique.


About us

Team | Young team of international creators

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